Oregon Promise: A RCC Student’s Experience

High school wasn’t always easy for a 2016-17 Oregon Promise recipient, Megan Gorman. She often found school to be a struggle. After changing schools Gorman found out that she really enjoyed learning, and gained an understanding on the value of education. Gorman relocated to a high school where the instructors continuously encouraged students to apply for scholarships and grants to help assist in furthering their...
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RCC Foundation logo

RCCF Organizing Student Alumni Association

The Rogue Community College Foundation (RCCF) is managing a student alumni group for anyone who attended RCC. The purpose of the association is to provide a connection for old and new friends through various events throughout the year. Presently there are no events planned. However, as the association gains momentum, RCCF will begin making plans to organize a kick-off and schedule activities. Be sure to...
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excerpt from the waste audit video that says make an effort to produce less waste

How are you Celebrating Earth Day?

In celebration of Earth Day 2017, we would like to share this video of instructor Erika Giesen’s “Environment & Society” course, who did a waste audit of the trash disposed of in the Higher Education Center. They hope that the recently installed recycling bins will have decreased the amount of material that RCC sends to the landfill.  
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Hip-Hop Dancer Shares Moves and Religion at RCC Performance

The RCC Diversity Planning Board sponsored a pair of performances that challenged audience members to reevaluate their thoughts about stereotypes. Amirah Sackett, the American-born creator of the hip-hop dance group “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic,” presented her beautifully choreographed performance entitled “Love Embraces All.” What stood out was her attire: a floor-length shimmery gold abaya with a black hijab, paired with a pair of colorful Nike...
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RCC’s Athletic Coach, Cole Watson, Takes the Pear Blossom Course Record

Since Zellah and Jerry Swartsley founded and held the first Pear Blossom Run in 1977 the Rogue Valley Family YMCA has continued the long-lived tradition. From its takeoff, the race has grown to 5,648 entrants, all participating for their own personal achievements. One of those athletes was Cole Watson, a Rogue River native and head coach for cross country here at Rogue Community College (RCC)....
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Mark Your Calendars: “We’re Muslims Don’t Panic”

The Diversity Programming Board (DPB) is hosting an internationally-recognized hip-hop dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Amirah Sackett for two days in April. Sackett is an American Muslim and her acclaimed work is purposed to change common stereo­types about Muslim women. Cyrise Beatty, a local hip-hop teacher and performer from Ashland will be assisting Sackett. Don’t miss this one-hour performance, lecture, and Q&A session in Grants Pass...
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TRiO Educational Talent Search Funding Renewed

The College received a continuing grant award of $1,420,800 from the USDOE through 2020 to further the work of the TRiO Educational Talent Search (ETS) program, which is intended to improve college readiness for disadvantaged students in grades 6-12. The College’s TRiO-ETS program was initiated in 2005 and is currently serving over 600 students. RCC program director, Janet Basney said, “Participants in the program have...
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Deadline for Special Project Grant Applications

The RCC Foundation (RCCF) is pleased to announce its 2017/18 Project Grant Ap­plication process. Special funding is set aside annually (if available) by the RCCF to sup­port individual department project goals and needs that may not otherwise be funded. In 2015/16, the process was not initiated because the Foundation used those funds to support the RCC bond campaign. How­ever, in 2014/15 over 12 projects ranging...
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Deadline for 2017 Faculty Awards for Performance Excellence

The Faculty Senate is seeking nominations from staff and students for faculty awards. The purpose is to recognize excellence in teaching and learning services in the following catego­ries: Best or most promising practice(s); innovation; student engagement; uniqueness; faculty achievement; student advocacy; inspiration; promoting global awareness; community engagement and partnership. Nominees for other outstanding achievements that may not fit into one of these categories are also...
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