Meet 2017 RCC Graduate M.A. Zamani

Graduating June 17 with a 4.0, M.A. Zamani will be receiving his Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design. Zamani expressed, “I feel like all the hard work I’ve been putting in is paying off. I feel like I deserve this!” When Zamani was younger he dropped out of college because he felt a degree would not prove his self-worth. But after returning, Zamani explains,... Read more

Meet 2017 RCC Graduate Katie Standish

Katie Standish, 2017 RCC graduate, is beyond thrilled to be walking in Saturday’s commencement ceremony. “I am so excited, so ready! This term has been crazy and definitely a test of endurance. I had to keep on, keeping on until it was done…not giving up. Life also has been crazy this term and so has all of the math. I am so ready to do... Read more

Meet 2017 RCC Graduate Kodie Gallegos

RCC graduate, Kodie Gallegos, has reason to be proud. She has worked extremely hard to be who and where she is today. In her senior year of high school, Gallegos had to make the difficult decision between following her family during their relocation to another state or to stay behind in order to finish out her educational path here in Oregon. Ultimately, with the love... Read more

Oregon Promise: A RCC Student’s Experience

High school wasn’t always easy for a 2016-17 Oregon Promise recipient, Megan Gorman. She often found school to be a struggle. After changing schools Gorman found out that she really enjoyed learning, and gained an understanding on the value of education. Gorman relocated to a high school where the instructors continuously encouraged students to apply for scholarships and grants to help assist in furthering their... Read more

Diana Cooper at RCC

Why One Student is Earning her Degree in Family Support Services

Diana Cooper is a bridge between people. As a Community Health Worker for a local organization, she connects patients and their families with doctor’s offices, social agencies, rehab facilities, and other resources they need to rebuild a healthy life. Whether she accompanies a member to an appointment or helps a family fill out paperwork, she is passionate about every aspect of her job. Why? Because... Read more

Kevin Kuhn

The Future is Happening at RCC

Kevin Kuhn plans to be a doctor. But first the Logos Charter School high school junior needs to earn his diploma and his college degree, which he’s doing simultaneously at Rogue Community College. Logos Scholars Academy is an early college program offering personalized education with college campus options for motivated students. One of the unique attractions of the Logos program is that high school students... Read more

Ebbi Zamani

Ebbi Zamani

In his 20s, Ebbi Zamani dabbled in college courses but never earned a degree. By the time he was in his 30s, married with children, he realized he had not created any strong skill sets or prospects for his career. He resolved to change his future. “I had heard encouraging things about RCC, and community college was an affordable way for me to get serious... Read more

RCC pathfinder program helps highschool students get credit for college

High School Program is Maue’s Path to College

Getting a high school diploma and attending college are no longer mutually exclusive choices. Logos High School senior Addison Maue is doing both through a partnership with Rogue Community College. “I really wanted to get a jump start on college,” she says. “This (program) has been a great way to do that.” Logos is an accredited K-12 public charter school that is sponsored by the... Read more

sarah reedy nursing student

Sarah Reedy

Life can take plenty of twists and turns. Sarah Reedy knows that firsthand. When she was 16 years old, her mom, Sheri Nottingham—a Rogue Community College employee—passed away unexpectedly. Sheri’s best friend and coworker Pamela Peckham took Sarah under her wing and helped her get on track for a college degree in nursing. “I decided to become a nurse after being in close contact with... Read more