Students saving money big time with OERs

RCC’s Textbook Affordability Group (TAG) is working to make course materials more affordable and accessible. Textbook costs continue to rise, and there are frequent new editions and access code requirements. These costs cause many students to delay purchasing materials and postpone taking courses. One area that TAG is focused on is Open Educational Resources (OERs). These are instructional materials licensed to allow free distribution and...
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Southern Oregon’s 4 higher ed institutions announce consortium

The presidents of four public colleges and universities in Southern Oregon joined forces today to create the Southern Oregon Higher Education Consortium – an alliance aimed at streamlining students’ educational pathways and addressing the region’s specific workforce needs. A memorandum of understanding signed by the presidents of Klamath Community College, Oregon Institute of Technology, Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University calls upon the consortium...
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Tutor training program aims to boost learning

Rogue Community College is taking steps to improve student learning through better training for its peer tutors, who now have the opportunity to become internationally certified. The college offers 33 peer tutor student worker positions through two departments, Academic Success and the University Transfer/TRiO Student Support Services program. Free tutoring is available to all students enrolled in credit classes at RCC. The primary areas of tutoring are...
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Veterans Week Speaker Advocates Hope

Victims advocate and inspirational speaker Timothy Jones visited Rogue Community College’s three campuses with a message of hope in overcoming adversity as part of this week’s Veterans Appreciation Week activities. Jones, a U.S. Navy veteran, was sexually assaulted in 1999 while serving on active duty at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan. The experience of being stalked, raped and then outcast by his peers sent...
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Entrepreneurs Commercial Cookspace (ECC)

The Entrepreneurs Commercial Cookspace (ECC) is a fully equipped, modern and professional kitchen at RCC that provides future business owners like Gabby Taylor, owner of Organic Harvest, a place to develop and operate a successful business within the food industry. ECC strives to provide support for the community’s entrepreneurs by assisting individuals develop, launch and grow their food business. ECC understands the difficulties that are...
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RCC Foundation logo

RCCF Organizing Student Alumni Association

The Rogue Community College Foundation (RCCF) is managing a student alumni group for anyone who attended RCC. The purpose of the association is to provide a connection for old and new friends through various events throughout the year. Presently there are no events planned. However, as the association gains momentum, RCCF will begin making plans to organize a kick-off and schedule activities. Be sure to...
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“Free Box”

“Free Box” is a resource center at Medford’s Riverside Campus (RVC), Bldg. G, designed to provide an opportunity for students and employees to pick up a jacket or other piece of donated clothing, shoes or household items, toiletries and similar things they may not otherwise be able to afford. All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to drop off or pick up donations for/from the...
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RCC pathfinder program helps highschool students get credit for college

High School Program is Maue’s Path to College

Getting a high school diploma and attending college are no longer mutually exclusive choices. Logos High School senior Addison Maue is doing both through a partnership with Rogue Community College. “I really wanted to get a jump start on college,” she says. “This (program) has been a great way to do that.” Logos is an accredited K-12 public charter school that is sponsored by the...
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Title IX

RCC supports and enforces Title IX

Rogue Community College has a zero-tolerance policy for any discrimination on the basis of sex or gender. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. Title IX requires that RCC respond to and remedy any sexual discrimination and ensures that our campuses are a safe and inclusive space for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. If you feel you...
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family resources for students and community

Student and Family Resources

RCC partners with local agencies and programs to provide the best possible information to students and families regarding access to services in the Rogue Valley. The resources listed at this website are aimed at improving the economic health of families by addressing the needs in the home, school, and the community. Working side by side with the following service providers, RCC extends the scope of...
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