Cessa Vichi: Normal is Not for Me

Being different is agonizing when you’re growing up, but of unlimited value as you age. Growing up my goal was to be NORMAL with soft, shiny and bouncy girl hair. But, I was the oldest of nine and had unmanageable hair. My siblings and I had unusual/unpronounceable names, ran like the wind, and were smart kids who wore glasses. I knew words that the other kids didn’t. I had to rein in my vocabulary to fit in with my peers. It was more cool to show off athletically than intellectually.

I see you. Having devoured an unimaginable number of books my empathy skills are highly developed. I see your hopes, your dreams, your abilities & your possibilities. I support, I celebrate, I encourage, & I applaud. My inner child invites yours to come out and play. Childhood dreams can be so easily crushed by the world. No matter your age, let your youth shine through.

I am childless by choice, am not religious and have lived “in sin” for 27 years. I soak up the sun, dance to every rhythm, laugh constantly, help everyone, continually absorb knowledge, never run out of questions, and am always happy to see you. I talk with children & animals. I’ll talk on any subject that interests you. I don’t know who will be there to hold my hand when I die, but I would be honored to hold yours should you need a friend.

Normal is NOT for me. I am happy to have a name that no one else has. My greatest achievement has been to stop fighting my hair. All it ever wanted to be was curly.

Spontaneous * Empathy * Sunshine * Laughter * Openness * Energy * Vibrant * Exuberant

-Princessa “Cessa” Vichi