Are you on Rogue Connect?

RCC has a new app run by the company OohlalaWant to keep up with campus friends and events? There’s an app for that. Introducing Rogue Connect, a free, user-friendly mobile app for all things RCC.

Rogue Connect is a hub for campus news and communication. Students can opt-in to favorite campus opportunities and note them on a personal calendar with the touch of a button. The app allows students to access class schedules, campus maps, exam dates, student records, financial aid resources, to-do lists, discussion forums, and other vital info.

A student feed allows users to ask questions online in real time. Students can even “friend” other students, direct message each other, and share their Rogue Connect calendars, which helps facilitate study groups and other time-sensitive hangouts.

With so many cool capabilities, it would be easy to see Rogue Connect as just a high-tech connection tool, but in fact it’s more than that. It’s a way to positively impact student success.

“Studies show that students involved in campus life, like student government, clubs, and athletic programs, have a higher rate of degree completion and make better grades than those who are uninvolved,” says René McKenzie. “The app is really a story of the college’s commitment to improving the student experience, helping them to have the best possible chance to succeed at the goals they have set for themselves.”

So why use Rogue Connect instead of other established social sites, like Facebook? René says user-friendliness is the key.

“Traditional social media platforms have become both expensive to advertise on and work poorly on mobile devices, making them inconvenient communication tools for reaching out to students in a timely manner about campus events,” she says.

Rogue Connect is designed specifically for current students, offering information that matters to them, delivered on their terms—straight to their smart phones and tablets.

Current and incoming RCC students can download the free Rogue Connect app at