How to Pay for College

how to pay for college

Figuring out if you can pay for college can be overwhelming. After all, the unknown can be scary. So let’s shed light on it and help you make a plan. You can go to college!

how much does it cost

RCC has a great online tool—the Net Price Calculator—to help you estimate the costs.

Here’s an estimated student budget at RCC based on average, full-time enrollment (12 credits per term) for three terms. If you go to college full time you will need to consider housing and living expenses, which are estimated at around $10,000 a year. But think about your own situation. For example, will you live with your parents? That will affect costs of housing, food, etc.

Budget Components 2016/17
Tuition & Fees     $4,164
Books & Supplies     $1,200
Total     $5,364
(Tuition and fees ALONE for 3 terms at a 4-year Oregon public university averages $8,565.)

Find money for collegeSubmit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid once for each academic year at The 17/18 FAFSA opens 10/1/16.

Scholarships (Start NOW!)
RCC Foundation has many scholarships.
Applications are open from January 4, 2017 through March 1, 2017.

Here are lots of great resources to look for

Student Employment

  • Flexible Hours
  • On-campus Work
  • Professional Work Environment!
  • Select the on-campus jobs link at

plan our education

  1. Apply
  2. Placement Test
  3. Orientation

Our admission coaches and advisors can help you plan your education so you get the right classes in the right sequence. That way you can graduate sooner, save money, and move on to your next big thing whether it’s a bachelor’s degree or a great job now that you have your certificate.