Meet 2017 RCC Graduate M.A. Zamani

Graduating June 17 with a 4.0, M.A. Zamani will be receiving his Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design.

Zamani expressed, “I feel like all the hard work I’ve been putting in is paying off. I feel like I deserve this!”

When Zamani was younger he dropped out of college because he felt a degree would not prove his self-worth. But after returning, Zamani explains, “What I found in the community college setting, was the grounding and direction I needed to bring my thoughts, hopes, and ideas out into the world; where I could then apply them realistically so that my value as a member of society could be realized.”

Being a non-traditional student, returning to college in his 30’s, has posed its own challenges. However, Zamani is thankful that RCC was ready to help in meeting this challenge and introducing the graduate to resources that were tailored for non-traditional students.

The RCC TRiO program aided Zamani in taking full advantage of federal scholarships and other financial aid opportunities. In return for his hard work, Zamani earned four scholarships from the RCC Foundation.

“The fact that the Foundation invested its money in my training was a huge affirmation for me that I had chosen the right course of study and that my college success was inevitable,” the graduate stated.

Zamani is already working on his bachelor’s degree at SOU as part of the Emerging Media and Digital Arts (EMDA) program. And is excited to say that unexpected opportunities have been presenting themselves as he continues his education, allowing him to utilize his acquired knowledge and skills towards a role as an educator and community organizer.

“My ultimate goal is to make art and creativity more accessible to my community by co-founding a local space that takes the creative process as its foundation and focus so that personal, political and social challenges can be approached with open minds and creative solutions,” Zamani explains.

The graduate advises future students, “College is what you make of it, and whatever goals you may have, you will find the support you need on campus to fulfill them.”

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