Mohammad Zamani: So You Don’t Have to Ask

Introducing oneself as Mohammad Zamani tends to pique the curiosity of others. So, you do not have to ask if we ever meet…here are my responses to a common line of questioning:

1. I am from the United States

2. Yes, I was born here

3. No, I am not Muslim

4. Yes, I realize it would be okay if I was

5. My name comes from my Iranian father

6. Yes, I have been told I do not look Iranian

7. No, I do not speak Arabic or Farsi

8. Yes, I have been to Iran

9. No, my mother is American

10. Yes, my dad is an American citizen

11. No, he is not Muslim either

12. Yes, as an American I am concerned about the situation in the Middle East

13. Sorry I do not have any special insight into that situation

14. I am aware of Persia’s rich history

15. Iran was nice, but no I would not want to live there

16. Yes, I also go by M.A. if that makes it easier for you