More Bang for your Buck

Why should you choose Rogue Community College for your education? Here are three smart reasons.

1. Cost
Sure, you could go to a four-year university and pay twice as much for tuition, housing, and gas to drive home when you’re homesick. Or you could invest fewer dollars in a great education designed to get you a job—so you can start making money rather than spending it. Here’s how RCC compares to traditional four-year schools.

a breakdown of tuition, fees, books supplies, housing and meals for a full-time RCC student vs. a student attending a 4 year college

Costs are estimated for a full-time student (15 credits per term) for one academic year, before financial aid or scholarships.

For complete details regarding RCC registration, financial aid, payment and related policies and deadlines, see the current RCC catalog or visit

2. Convenience
RCC provides practical career training close to home. With campuses in Grants Pass, White City, and Medford, all of your classes and campus activities are centrally located within a small, easily navigated campus that’s just a short drive from your house or workplace. Our facilities provide ample classroom space as well as quaint spots to study, grab a bite to eat, shop for supplies, or hang out with friends. Students at RCC can come and go as they please—without breaking the bank at the gas tank.

3. Quality
Some people think lower cost means lower quality. But not at Rogue Community College. RCC transfer classes are equal to the same classes at the university. We have a treasure that makes our affordable education worth more than gold—our faculty. RCC instructors teach here because they want to, and they believe in our students and community. Our faculty includes experts in business and industry, as well as several PhDs who have taught at four-year universities but now choose to dedicate their careers to RCC because our college is a special place. We connect students to valuable jobs for the benefit of our community.

So what are you waiting for? Apply to RCC today.